Delicate lace: vases and paintings

Delicate lace: vases and paintings The technique of lace has recently been refined due to the diamond cut of the pattern. You, the customer, can create delicate things with a hook or needles. Today, vases and paintings are very rarely made with the help of lace. My daughter and I often buy decorative items with this technique even when we don't draw or write on our own.Yesterday I saw an interesting painting, decorated with lace. A craftsman in our village made it on his own. A rose by his side with a floral pattern was painted. And yesterday I went to the movies with my daughter, looking at pictures of pasted paintings. This is a rose turned out. The artist has a rough drawing, it is very beautiful. The rose is also decorated with a bow, you can do it with a bow or crossbow. I don't know why it is called a rose, but it is. It is so nice to create such a beauty. It will also be interesting to you to create a cage for pigeons, because they are such enemies of this wonderful garden!Yesterday I saw another rose, this one is made with a craft in our of the authorHere is such a beauty turned out with the help of a craft in the garden of our master. A simple rose is easy to do, but the craft looks very interesting and beautiful. You can also create them as a gift, making a rose as a gift or postcard. Crafts with a craft stand for a long time, in any cases, it is better to take the rose personally. The craft looks very beautiful, the craftsmanship of the master is incredible. And the money is small, so be generous and create! Creative success!

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